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Exempel på "inlärningshjul"

Example of "Learning Circles"


On this page you can read about everything going on around this resource "Lesyre". With this software, you can easily create your own tactual tools. This is new and unique product in which educators and parents themselves can create different types of tactual resources based on reliable learning styles methods, in an efficient and time saving manner. Educators have long wanted to create their own teaching resource, but it has taken too long time. This program LESYRE is the solution.

Brochures: Swedish and English


We would appreciate as many comments as possible on this software in order to develop it further!
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Magasinet Skolen

In the Danish magasine Magasinet Skolen June/July issue where is a article about Lesyre. You can read more about it on page 22-24, here(In Danish).

Version 1.1

A new version is available. We have added additional languages and it's now available six languages, English, Swedish, German, French, Norwegian and Danish. Order it directly through the ordering page. Buy a One-user-license, or a School license. It is also possible to upgrade from One-user-license to the School license on this page.

In English

This site is now available in English. You can choose your preferred language by clicking on the flag in the top-right.

Update for version 1.0

There were a miss in the design of the box to Pic-A-Hole game. Here is an updated version.