Lesyre discs

Lesyre discs

Lesyre - Eases learning process

Hours instead of days

Welcome to a unique software that helps you create many different learning resources. You write operations/areas/topics with questions and answers - after that your computer make the work! Effective and time-saving! You do not need to think about measuring up the learning resources. They come out complete in natural size in a PDF file! You can just cut them and assemble them.

You can choose to create ten different learning resources from one single input and three more if you rewrite them little. You will also find templates to print out for pic-a-hole, flip chut and board game.

You can, according to your choice, either type question/answers or create images/corresponding words or phrase. You can use text - text, text - image, or image - image. There are many possibilities. Some of the learning resources are limited and will spread out your questions on two or more tools of the same variety, depending on how many questions / answers you have. Some learning resources needs specific input.

This program is the result of a collaboration between Sweden Lärstilscenter and Websystem.
Lena Boström & Ulrika Gidlund, info@larstilscenter.se
Websystem, info@websystem.se

Brochures: Swedish and English