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  • What kind of computer do I need to run the software?
  • You need a computer with Windows installed. Computers with XP, Vista or 2003 works well. It is okay to run on slightly older computers, but it works better on newer computers. Right now the program does not work with a Mac or Linux computer, but if there is an interest, we may make such a version.
  • Is there no easy way to create a new question? It is hard to have to use the mouse and press +.
  • Well, press Ctrl + i, then you can use TAB to write answers. You can do fine without mouse.
  • I have done a great job! Is there no way to share the example?
  • Good idea! We should fix so that you can share the good example.
  • Is it complicated to install LESYRE?
  • No, it does not require any installation, you run the program directly from the CD. If you purchase a school license it is easy to put the software on a server.
  • Is the program only in Swedish?
  • No, you can easily choose between English, Swedish, German, French, Norwegian and Danish. More languages are soon to come. If you want to translate it to your language please contact us.