How to work with LESYRE

1. Start the program

There is a brief help for each method and a number of finished examples that you can use or view. But the strength of the program is you to create your own material in a simple way!

The program is started.

2. Create questions

One creates questions by pressing the + button and remove the questions by pressing the - button.
You can also create questions by pressing the Ctrl-i and use tab to jump between question and answer.
When creating question-answer, you can choose to combine the text-text, text-image, image-text or image-image. You can also to each question-answer add two incorrect alternatives that is used when you want to make a Pic-a-Hole.

One has created a question by pressing at the + button.

Example of a set of questions of type Image-Text.

3. Create PDFs

On can, from ones set of questions, create several different types of tactual resources. Here you can find some examples of PDFs that has been created based on questions and answers in this example.
Learning Circle
Learning Warp Up
Task Card Puzzle

One can from one set questions and answers create a variety of tactual resources.

4. Complete your material

Once you print your PDF, it's just to follow the instructions in the PDF to complete your tactual resources.